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Tuff Photo is Arizona and Ohio's Premier Pet Photographer! 
Specializing in Commercial Pet Product Photography

Member of Professional Photographer of America
Member, Professional Photographers of America


Do you have a big or a small project?  No worries you've come to the right place!  Would you like to see a sample of what I can do with your products?  Please contact me vrak@tuffphoto.com to discuss your project or marketing needs. 


What makes me different from the rest?

Capturing Personality!  Not just a photo of a pet and product.  I Capture your dog, cat, horse, goats true self.  I spend a little time before each session with a get to know me!  Then when they are comfortable I work together with the owner to create images that will speak for themselves.  True to who their pet is. This translates a regular image into a Marketing work of Art that will not only help sell your product but also make your products stand out from the rest. 

Humans too!  Our pets are part of our family right?!  So don't leave them out of your marketing.  On request I will incorporate humans and animals together.  Kids and dogs, Senior High School Student and their favorite pet, and even Family photos including your cherished furry, feathery, and even scaly member of the family!  

House Calls: We make house calls!  This option is always used for cats. Indoor marketing images are a must have!

Your Schedule: Everything is done online for your convenience. Your images are placed in an online gallery for you to select and order on your own time. 

Personal photo Cost: All sessions are listed below.  You have access to purchase any images from the session right from your gallery!  There is no minimum amount to purchase and of course no obligation. 

Your images are all professionally edited to look their best.  A little contrast to make any color pop, some additional black adds a lot of depth to a pet and product all done to make each photograph its very best. Removing leashes is a must when we try to keep our Dogs safe or when we are shooting at a location that require them.

LIFESTYLE DOG SESSION (non commercial)


  • One-hour photo session
  • Location of your choice within 30 miles
  • Fully edited and retouched images
  • Shareable online gallery and blog post
  • 20+ High-resolution downloads with print release



  • One-hour photo session
  • Location of your choice within 30 miles
  • Fully edited and retouched images
  • Shareable online gallery and blog post
  • 20+ High-resolution downloads with print release

Product Photography (Lifestyle and/or Product only) 

Rates based on Projects

  • Purchase per image or in sets
  • Outdoors, Indoors, or Studio
  • Fully edited and retouched images
  • Commercial rights print/use release
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Kronos and Terra-6027Kronos and Terra-6027

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Additional Travel - Anything over 30 miles round trip will be calculated per mile. http://www.irs.gov/taxpros/article/0,,id=156624,00.html