Tuff Photo by Victoria Rak | GIVING BACK


Giving back is a must for me. My heart breaks when I think about animals not  having that warm bed and human to snuggle up with. So in desperation.... I give back! I donate, yes yes I do!  I go to rescue organizations or foster homes and photograph animals in need of that forever home.  The organizations then use facebook, petfinder, websites, and all those other places people use to find a new best friend and post the photographs.  The numbers of views on the animals I have photographed have gone up. The number of view the organizations I photograph for have also gone up. Which means my madness is working! 

Unfortunately people when searching for a new best friend make judgments on the way they look. That is where photography makes all the difference.  

Things you can do to help find forever homes for the animals I take photographs of.

  1. BIG BIG BIG..... PLEASE Like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/toledophotography  : WHY? - I post Rescue Animals weekly and with your like you will see those postings.
  2. Share my postings with your friends and family  : WHY? - The photographs you share will reach your friends who might need a new best friend
  3. Ask your friends to share the postings/photos you share with them. : WHY? - Then those Photographs that they share will reach their family and friends.  

End result - More views of the rescue animal photographs.  I am not asking you to do anything that will cost money. I am not asking you to do anything that will take much of your time. All I am asking if for a simple click of a mouse button every so often. If that click turns into an animal finding a home.. All because you took a few seconds to share a photo or a page! How would that make you feel? 

Now I have your attention. If you have not already please https://www.facebook.com/toledophotography click like now. Together we can help find Animals in need forever homes!



If you are an Organization in need let me know and I will see what I can do.  

If you are a company willing to donate items for Rescue Photography sessions in return for commercial use photographs please let me know! 


Organizations I currently Donate my time to are:

Toledo Animal Shelter  http://toledoanimalshelter.com/
Maumee Valley Save a Pet  http://www.maumeevalleysaveapet.org/
Ohio Great Dane Rescue  http://www.ohiogreatdanerescue.org/
4 Paws Sake    http://4pawssake.org/
Paws and Whiskers   http://www.pawsandwhiskers.org/
Monroe County Humane Society http://www.monroehumane.com/
Golden Retriever Rescue  http://www.gr-rescue.org/                        
Pit Crew   http://www.lucascountypitcrew.com/
Pet Bull Project http://www.toledospetbullproject.com/
Planned Pethood http://www.plannedpethood.org/
Humane Society of Seneca County https://www.facebook.com/HumaneSocietyofSenecaCounty
  •   Photography Packages for Fundraiser events