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Goliath an adorable playful puppy with crazy ears!  Puppies are the best!  No care in the world!  Hooch_Goliath-1090Hooch_Goliath-1090 Hooch_Goliath-1102Hooch_Goliath-1102 Hooch_Goliath-1112Hooch_Goliath-1112 Hooch_Goliath-1123Hooch_Goliath-1123 Hooch_Goliath-1131Hooch_Goliath-1131 Hooch_Goliath-1146Hooch_Goliath-1146 Hooch_Goliath-1139Hooch_Goliath-1139 Hooch_Goliath-1160Hooch_Goliath-1160 Hooch_Goliath-1167Hooch_Goliath-1167 Hooch_Goliath-1171Hooch_Goliath-1171 Hooch_Goliath-1184Hooch_Goliath-1184 Hooch_Goliath-1225Hooch_Goliath-1225 Hooch_Goliath-1248Hooch_Goliath-1248 Hooch_Goliath-1263Hooch_Goliath-1263 Hooch_Goliath-1283Hooch_Goliath-1283

Bald Eagle Sighting

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I had never seen a Bald Eagle in the wild and I'm all about seeing animals thriving in their natural environment. We frequent our local lake, Lake Pleasant which is located in Arizona near North Phoenix.    It's pristine waters cover over 10,000 acres of water surface and 116 miles of shoreline.  They close off a large section of the lake between December 15-June 15 to allow the Bald Eagles to breed without being disrupted.  

Yesterday I saw a Bald Eagle in the WILD! I still can't get over it.  He/She flew out from near the water where he/she was hanging out with Turkey Vultures!  My friend yells EAGLE EAGLE.... Then what do my eyes see amongst the black vultures??   A WHITE TAIL!  

What a spectacular moment.  I felt small yet so full of life.  Moments like these are what make me feel fulfilled.  

Lake day-9858Lake day-9858

He/She flew out and perched up high on the mountain then took another flight above us.  

Lake day-9881Lake day-9881 Lake day-9882Lake day-9882 Lake day-9887Lake day-9887 Lake day-9891Lake day-9891 Lake day-9905Lake day-9905 Lake day-9909Lake day-9909 Lake day-9914Lake day-9914 Lake day-9917Lake day-9917 Lake day-9922Lake day-9922

A bunch of baby Double-crested Cormorants waiting for their momma to come back! Lake day-9929Lake day-9929 Lake day-9932Lake day-9932

Common Egrets

Lake day-9940Lake day-9940

Someone has a fancy feathers! 

Lake day-9941Lake day-9941

Oh hello you beautiful cow! 

Lake day-9943Lake day-9943


Turkey Vulture

Lake day-9816Lake day-9816

Great Blue Heron

  Lake day-9830Lake day-9830 Lake day-9833Lake day-9833

More Turkey Vultures

Lake day-9945Lake day-9945 Lake day-9946Lake day-9946

Yes folks you're looking at not 1 but 4 baby cows!     Lake day-9949Lake day-9949 Lake day-9955Lake day-9955 Lake day-9950Lake day-9950 Lake day-9958Lake day-9958 Lake day-9963Lake day-9963 Lake day-9966Lake day-9966

Day on the Lake June 23, 2018

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Wild Donkeys, Cows and Birds OH My!    Warning some images may by graphic in nature due to a couple of donkeys mating.

How about a couple of babies to brighten your day!  Lake_Pleasant-9342Lake_Pleasant-9342

Lake_Pleasant-9349Lake_Pleasant-9349 Lake_Pleasant-9351Lake_Pleasant-9351

See the dark baby laying down?! 


We have no idea what this guys problem was.  He was running pretty quick over to the heard.  Lake_Pleasant-9363Lake_Pleasant-9363

A Donkey with 4 Turkey Vultures and a pool noodle.  Reminding everyone to clean up after themselves.  We should always leave land cleaner than it was when we arrived.


Then the one on the right runs over and makes the baby get up.  We believe that is the babies momma!   So we aren't sure about the heard dynamics but it seemed like she didn't like the darker donkey and heard him coming so they ended up running off after he showed up.  Lake_Pleasant-9371Lake_Pleasant-9371 Lake_Pleasant-9374Lake_Pleasant-9374 Lake_Pleasant-9375Lake_Pleasant-9375

OMG have you seen anything cuter?!!  Look at that stripe across the shoulders!  Absolutely beautiful animals.  Lake_Pleasant-9380Lake_Pleasant-9380

An older female isn't she pretty!! Lake_Pleasant-9381Lake_Pleasant-9381

A little baby nursing!  Lake_Pleasant-9382Lake_Pleasant-9382

What is a lake day without ducks?  How cute is this young male!  Just starting to get his colors!   Lake_Pleasant-9385Lake_Pleasant-9385

A rowdy couple of babies playing


This is the herd that ran off.  You can see the darker male at the end chasing them up along the mountain. 


While the babies are still wresting this one is biting the other ones leg!! 


Kick to the face doesn't faze this darker male. 


Intermission with this amazing Turkey Vulture flying over! 


How incredible are these birds!!!


Back to the show.  This might be the part where you stop your young children from looking at the photos.  We are about to get X rated....


They appeared to be walking away from the heard for more privacy.  Again X rated coming up. 


And there you have it folks.  National Geographic at it's best! if you ever wondered what donkeys do after the 30 second mating encounter.  They basically just stand there for 15-20 minutes.  They don't move.  They just stand next to each other and do nothing.  Lake_Pleasant-9468Lake_Pleasant-9468 Lake_Pleasant-9474Lake_Pleasant-9474 Lake_Pleasant-9482Lake_Pleasant-9482

Great Blue Heron


Common Egret


Common Egret


Cows!  YES Cows!!  How cute is this red male!  His eyes are blue! Lake_Pleasant-9620Lake_Pleasant-9620

Someone is a poster cow for all blacks and white cows! Another blue eyed beauty! 

Lake_Pleasant-9622Lake_Pleasant-9622 Lake_Pleasant-9624Lake_Pleasant-9624 Lake_Pleasant-9626Lake_Pleasant-9626

Couple-crested Cormorant Lake_Pleasant-9633Lake_Pleasant-9633 Lake_Pleasant-9634Lake_Pleasant-9634

Cows and Donkeys share the land around the lake.  



A mom and her baby!   Lake_Pleasant-9652Lake_Pleasant-9652

Check out her horns!  She looks very thin but I'm guessing it's because she is nursing.  I don't know anything about cows besides they have amazing personalities.   She is so beautiful. 


Another baby! 

Lake_Pleasant-9666Lake_Pleasant-9666 Lake_Pleasant-9672Lake_Pleasant-9672 Lake_Pleasant-9675Lake_Pleasant-9675

Sad situation we contacted Arizona Game and Fish Department.  Gave the location and hopefully they can get to the baby before the predators.  If they can find the baby then a relocation to the heard will happen.  What it looks like is the mom died and her baby is sitting next to the tree to the right.  The mom is on the left where you now see Turkey Vultures.  We realize this is nature however we felt if we did something the baby would have a chance.  So keep this baby in your thoughts as his/her life goes into a different direction.  Let us hope he/she is safe.   Lake_Pleasant-9682Lake_Pleasant-9682

Common Egret


Common Egret


Common Egret


Great Blue Heron


Common Egret


Common Egret


Common Egret


Turkey Vulture


Common Egret

Lake_Pleasant-9710Lake_Pleasant-9710 Lake_Pleasant-9721Lake_Pleasant-9721 Lake_Pleasant-9724Lake_Pleasant-9724 Lake_Pleasant-9740Lake_Pleasant-9740 Lake_Pleasant-9743Lake_Pleasant-9743

A mom and her babies!   


Aren't they cute!!!! Lake_Pleasant-9758Lake_Pleasant-9758 Lake_Pleasant-9768Lake_Pleasant-9768 Lake_Pleasant-9775Lake_Pleasant-9775 Lake_Pleasant-9777Lake_Pleasant-9777 Lake_Pleasant-9782Lake_Pleasant-9782

Momma is a pretty little girl!! 




That concludes our lake day.  Thanks for looking!!  As always make sure we keep the land even cleaner than it was when you found it.  

Barley the tiny pitty puppy!

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I photographed this tiny puppy for KONG Company.  Her name is Barley! Oh and the little human is her sister Kinsley! She is growing up so much since I photographed her a few weeks ago.  Don't worry I will have to photograph her again when she is all grown up! 

Prom 2018

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My daughter's Jr Prom

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