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I'm a Dog Photographer!

I'm also a Pet Product Photographer!

Don't forget I have a gift for capturing people too!

What can I do for your business? I am confident that my photography will bring more attention to your products.  I am offering you Product minded photography that moves consumers. Making your products stand out more than your competitors. 


Where did the name Tuff Photo come from?  Tuff Photo was created after tragically losing Harley one of our dogs in a drowning accident at the young age of three. After taking photographs of Harley exactly two weeks prior I realized something. Without those photographs we would have only memories. Today and years from now we can look back and see his smiling face in print!  I captured not only our beautiful dog but a feeling.

I am often asked what inspires me as a pet photographer?  I am quick to say . . . my own pets inspire me. I have two loving cats and three devote dogs both with specific species characteristic differences.

My cats have that hierarchies presence which captivates me. They lure me in and command my attention and I give it to them gladly. I get to see the way they live and fulfill their lives, it’s just so incredible to me. The cats are very different, however wanting or needing the same things; freedom and a sense of power. Cats don’t just let you in, it’s earned. They love in a way that is much different than any other pet.

Dogs have a free spirited mindset. They have an eagerness to see, hear, and smell everything that appears before them, allowing us to see them always. I guess you can say they wear their personality on their sleeve, well furry arm. They pursue the simple pleasures in life; a warm place to lay their head, a toy to play with and bone to chew. They yearn for someone to speak in a soft and loving tone so they can reciprocate their love. Dogs feel us from the inside out. How fascinating is that, to understand someone’s emotions by behavior alone? The excitement and happiness dogs possess is effortless.

These are the characteristics and qualities that inspire me to photograph cats and dogs.
This inspiration then transcends into the urge to pour my heart into every session. I am driven to figure out what makes these cats and dogs so unique to you. I dig deeper than capturing just physical characteristics. I have the talent…to let their personalities shine through.

I can get them to that place where they can look past me and through the camera and focus on you to get that look they only give you the owner. Translate that into a Marketing image where the consumer can not only see but feel.  I feverishly work with the mindset of wanting you to see, hear, and feel what the animals were at that exact moment.  Again making your Marketing images stand out above the rest.  My images will draw consumers in making your brand more appealing than others. 

I promise you that as inspired as I am, you will be able to pick up a photo and feel that unwavering emotional connection that you as a pet owner yourself share from that moment in time.

 So I guess you can say I’m inspired with the help of my pets, but you didn’t really have to read it, you will get to see it.

 Please follow me as I capture the true personality of Animals through Photography.