Dominican Republic Stray "Pedro"

September 30, 2014  •  3 Comments

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My husband and I traveled to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this September.   I brought my Camera and some toys just in case there were dogs.  My hope was that there would be.   As we were sitting on the beach around 5pm a small dog was walking down the beach.  He appeared to be a stray.   Then along came a couple of Rat Terriers being walked leash less by a man.    EEEEEEK!!!!!    So anyway my husband and I jump up from our seats and run over like crazy people to the man and ask if we can pet his dogs.   He speaks ENGLISH!!!!!     So now we have communication open.   We both start explaining what I do for a living and ask if he would allow me to photograph his dogs.   He without hesitation said yes!  He explains how he walks his dogs the same time everyday.  So the next day we go back to the beach with the beast.  Beast = Camera!   That's what I call it.  

Anyway, here we are again sitting on the beach this time with beast.  waiting....    Then what do we see coming from the other direction?  PEDRO!  You're confused?  Ok  Pedro is the stray dog that walked the beach the day before.  We named him because every dog deserves an identity, right?!  Pedro just fit.. .

Now we are both excited.  Yes folks this is my life.  I LOVE dogs!  Anyway my husband squeaked a ball. .

Oh my he looks interested!  Squeaking it again and he stops! .

Walks a little closer... .

He smiles at us!!! .

Then he makes his move toward us with a big smile on his face! . . Pedro ran over and sat down in front of us.  We just look at each other then look at Pedro.  Someone has manners and is awful sweet. .

My husband ran back to the resort to get some hamburgers and hots dogs.  Dinner for Pedro.   We sat together giving him lots of loving.  It was one of those moments when you didn't want it to end.  Needless to say,  Pedro looks happy, well fed, and quite content with his life just as it is.      


Tuff Photo by Victoria Rak
Thank you!! :) I wish I could have brought him home too!
chris trainer(non-registered)
you are a wonderful person. I wish you could have brought him home.
Kim Kravitz(non-registered)
AW! What a cool story. He's a handsome little guy! So sweet to give him some dinner too. <3
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